Construction of a Modern Commercial Dairy Farm for Cattle Project


In October 27th, 2016 Heather commercial dairy farm for 1980 forage cows started to operate in Korochanskiy district, Sheino village.


The agricultural holding structural subdivision Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC started to build the commercial dairy farm in December 2014 as a part of the «Construction of a modern commercial dairy farm for cattle» project.


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The project was developed together with Razvitie Corporation OJSC of Belgorod region and approved by the government of the region.


The new company will produce up to 36 thousand tons of milk per year. To achieve this goal, high productive cattle with high production and reproduction genetic potential was purchased from Holland.


To build high comfort conditions for the cattle, to increase production and to decrease sickness rate at the complex, the technology of sand bedding was applied. Today this kind of technology is one of the advanced ones in the world and it should effect the production of milking herd in a positive way.


At the moment the commercial dairy complex includes two cow sheds, a calf shed with dairy kitchen, silage bunkers and other facilities.


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The cow barns are equipped with modern systems of artificial ventilation, spraying and misting operating when the temperature of the air gets higher than +24 degrees.


127The rotary milking parlor is fully automatic. Special sensors are recoding the production and evaluating physiological condition of the animals. Some other processes of animals care and feeding were also automatized.


The investment cost of the project makes 2,9 billiards of Rubles. Payback period is 15 years. Guarantee support was given by Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Business (guarantee for 1,6 billiards of Rubles) and by Belgorod Guarantee Fund (crediting support for 28,9 millions of Rubles).


At the opening ceremony the General Director of the Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Business, Aleksandr Braverman noted that the project amazed with its high technologies and with the speed of execution.



«It took less than a year to construct this complex, - emphasized the head of the region. – The main task of the region is to make the region producing 1 million tons of milk per year. At the moment we are producing about a half of this volume but if the economic rate is going to be maintained we will reach the necessary indicator in the next two or three years»


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Heather Dairy Farm is the first stage of the industrial milk production project in Belgorod region. Next in the line is the start of another dairy complex for 1980 forage cows in Korochanskiy district, Mazikino village in August 2017. Also the agricultural holding initiated the construction of heifer farm designed for the housing of 4180 head of young stock in Shebekinskiy district, Repnoe village which will come into operation at the beginning of the next year.


Green Dale Group of Companies is expecting high milk production indicators by 2017, and the young stock reproduction – a year later.


The construction of two new mega farms and one heifer farm is not only a serious contribution into the region target program implementation which is aimed to create the regional modern technological base for producing and processing of milk by 2020, but it is also a very important event in expanding of agricultural holding production outputs.



About the solemn opening ceremony of Heather Dairy Farm Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC



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About the visit of the dutch representatives of the Hunland company specializing in the import and export of animals Heather Dairy Farm Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC



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About the press tour for journalists of Russia and the Republic of Belarus at the Heather Dairy Farm (Korochansky district, Sheino village)



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The first three! Photo-report about the first-newborns at the new dairy farm Heather in the Korochansky district, August-September 2016



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About the arrival of the second load of Holstein heifers to Heather Dairy Farm Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC Korochansky district, Sheino village



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About consecration of Heather Dairy Farm in Belgorod region, Korochansky district, Sheino village



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About the progress of the construction of the dairy farm in Korochansky district



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About the progress of the construction of the dairy farm in Korochansky district



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About the progress of the construction of the dairy farm in Korochansky district



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About consecration of the construction of dairy farms in Sheino and Mazikino villages, Korochansky district, Belgorod region



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The consecration of the building site



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About the progress of the dairy farm construction in Korochansky district



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About the progress of the construction of the new dairy farms



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About the progress of the construction of the new dairy farms in Korochansky district



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