Project «The construction of two grain drying complexes (GDC) in Belgorod region»


In 2017 Green Dale Group of Companies is completing the implementation of priority investment project of construction of two modern grain drying complexes in Belgorod region.


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Designing of the project began in September 2014 after its approval by the regional government.


The implementation of this project is an important stage in development of the agricultural holding. New GDC should allow to store the annual amount of feed for dairy livestock of the company.


It was decided to build GDC in Veidelevsky district on productional area of Green Dale-Agro LLC and in Shebekensky district on production area of Green Dale Dairy Company 2 LLC. According to the plan here will be modern dairy farms in nearest future.

3The first phase of the project was successfully finished in 2015 in Malakeevo village of Veidelevsky district. Capacity of new facility is 50 tons per hour. Storage capacity is provided by three flat-bottomed containers 5 thousand tons each and two sheds to 2.5 tons each.

In a short period of work in 2015 on GDC in Malakeevo village was processed 18 697.6 tons of grains and received additional profit of 3 752.9 thousand rubles.


During the harvesting campaign in 2016 GDC worked at full capacity and reached its design capacity.


Green Dale gross harvest of grain amounted to 153.6 thousand tons in 2016. The overall economic effect in 2016 amounted to 18.9 mln. thousand rubles thanks to the possibility to dry and process at its own production facilities


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8The second phase of the project, construction of its own facilities for storage and processing of grain in Kupino village Shebekinsky district is at the final stage right now.

According to its production and technical parameters new GDC is fully reflect the complex which was built in Malakeevo village.


Mainly Russian equipment was used during the construction. Latest technologies and unique engineering solutions were used. This helps to slow the wear process, prevent the appearance of rust and to prevent garbage getting into the dump pit (more than 20 mm) for temporary storage of grain.


At the end of December 2016, we started the process of commissioning and start-up of equipment on GDC in Kupino village.


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From the beginning of the year the complex is working in test mode.

Achieving of designed capacity is planned for the upcoming harvest campaign in 2017. The main users of the project will be the companies of agricultural holding, agricultural producers of Shebekinsky district and Novopeschansky distilling plant.

The total cost of the project "Construction of two grain drying complexes in Belgorod region" amounts to 341 million rubles. Project payback period is up to 8 years. Russian Agricultural Bank provided the credit and financial support to the Green Dale during the construction of GDC.


Relevance of the project is justified by the increase of Green Dale volumes of crop production as well as its need to expand the fodder amount due to the increase of cattle.

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Green Dale opened a new dairy farm Heather for 1980 forage cows in October 27, 2016 in Sheino village, Korochansky district. New dairy farm will produce up to 36 thousand tons of milk per year.


Soon new dairy farm for 1980 forage cows will be opened in Mazikino village Korochansky district and a heifer farm for specialized housing of 4180 youngstock in Repnoe village Shebekinsky district commissioning is scheduled for early 2018.


Operating facilities of GDC will significantly improve the quality of grain and will allow to provide services for drying of grain and processing of it to all interested agricultural producers of Belgorod region. At the present period 3950 tons of grain from neighboring regions already has been processed.

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Due to the start of the two complexes at planned capacity Green Dale is planning to reduce drying and storage costs of the product and reduce transportation costs for delivery of crop products.


Own facilities for grain storage will also allow to sell crop products in the most favorable period and it will allow to earn about extra 10 million rubles of additional profit per year.


18Speaking about the economic impact not only the optimization of production and improving the quality of the grain should be mentioned but also new workplaces for country people.

According to local people, the existence of production will significantly enhance the status of the village.

This project is considered an important stage in the development of agricultural holding and the focus on achieving the significant results expect an appropriate level of technical equipment.





About the final stage of construction and testing of the workability of a new grain drying facility in Shebekinsky district Kupino village


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About putting the Grain Drying Complex Veydelevskiy district, Malakeevo village into operation


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About the construction process of the Grain Drying Complex, Veydelevskiy district


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About the construction process of the Grain Drying Complex, Shebekinskiy district


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