In 2016-2017 Green Dale Group of Companies intends to implement a new investment project on the irrigation system construction.


This will be a pilot project for Veydelevsky District. Green Dale-Agro is a structural subdivision of the agricultural holding located at this area.


The main activity of the company includes growing the wheat, sunflower and leguminous plants. Here a modern grain drying complex was successfully put into operation in 2016. Production capacity of new company which was built in the Malakeevka village is 50 tons per hour, storage capacity is 20 000 tons including 15 000 tons of elevator storing and 5000 tons of shed storing.


1Using of automatic sprinklers in arid clime zone like Veydelevsky District will increase productivity, growth rate and quality of the crops.


Modern irrigation system should provide 200 hectares of agricultural crop area with the moisture.


Implementation of the irrigation system will allow Green Dale-Agro to increase soybean yields up to 35dt/ha and up to 110dt/ha of corn yields.


Green Dale-Agro irrigation system construction project will be implemented in two years.


2This year it is planned to make geodetic surveys and to complete the design works, in 2017 it is planned to finish construction of pumping stations, to build a pipeline, as well as to purchase and to install equipment.


For irrigation system operating at the company will be additionally created 5 jobs.


For the successful implementation of the project it is expected to attract investments in the amount of 70 million rubles. The payback period of the project is 8 years.