Background of Green Dale Group of Сompanies

Development of dairy farming in Belgorod region target program till 2012 aimed at modernization of dairy farming and increasing of high quality milk production in the region was implemented.

At the initiative of Yevgeny Savchenko the Governor and with the support of Agricultural Industry Department of the region the decision about creation of new dairy agricultural holding was made.

Green Dale history and development

January 17, 2011 is the date of Green Dale Group of Companies foundation

Main objective

- increasing of high yielding dairy livestock population and development of dairy farming, milk processing and cattle feed production using the most modern technologies corresponding to the European level.


- creation of competitive system of milk production and processing at a volume of at least 1000 tons per day in Belgorod region by 2020;

- increasing of livestock number up to 30 thousand of dairy cows with average productivity at least 8 thousand kilograms of milk per year for a cow;

- organization of grain and forage crop production on an area of 100 thousand hectares.



The structure of the agricultural holding includes Green Dale Dairy Company OJSC and Green Dale Group of Companies LLC. There are 11 thousand hectares of land and 2 000 of forage cows in operation.


The construction of a new dairy farm called Lily of the Valley in Yakovlevsky district was started at production site of Green Dale Dairy Company OJSC.



Lands with low agriculture efficiency were included to the holding. Agronomists of the company faced with difficult task to get good harvest from these lands.

During this period special attention is paid to seed quality. New approaches are applied: treatment of the seed with growth stimulant and micronutrient fertilizers.

The structure of the holding includes: Niva LLC from March, Green Dale-Agro LLC from October, Belgorod Dairy Farms OJSC from December.

Number of plowed land increases by 23 thousand hectares, livestock herds by 5 thousand animals.




The structure of the Green Dale Group of Сompanies includes Green Dale Dairy Company 2 LLC.

Cultivated crop land increased by 6.5 thousand hectares. Differentiated crop rotations, increase of perennial grass area, using of green manure and interplanted crops, using of direct seeding technology, application of organic fertilizers and liming of acidic soils allow to save and increase fertile soil layer.

This economic activity approach encouraged trust of local population and interest in further development of the company.




Land share owners actively let out shares and at the beginning of the year 11 thousand hectares of agricultural land were already added to the company.

In the spring the Green Dale companies cultivate 52 000 hectares of land and continue methodical biologization of the lands. The herd population is 7 600 forage cows.

Green Dale Group of Companies started project implementation for the construction of two grain drying complexes in Belgorod region to ensure the necessary capacity for processing and storage of grains and oilseeds. The production capacity of the complexes is 50 tons per hour and storage capacity is 20 000 tons including 15 000 tons of elevator storing and 5000 tons of shed storing.

This project was implemented on the territory of Green Dale-Agro LLC (Malakeevo village of Veydelevsky district) and Green Dale Dairy Company 2 LLC (Kupino village of Shebekinskiy district).

Also in September 2014 the company started another construction project of modern dairy farm for 3960 forage cows. This project has been implementing on three production sites: two commercial dairy farms for 1980 forage cows each and heifer farm of special housing for 4180 young animals. Within the project it’s planned to purchase high yielding livestock with a high genetic production and reproduction potential. Sand bedding and rotary milking parlor would be used for high comfort, milk production increasing and morbidity reduction.



On January 17, our team celebrated the 4th anniversary of Green Dale Group of Companies foundation. By this time Green Dale Group of Companies is a dynamically growing agricultural holding introducing innovative technologies and creatively working for the benefit of the region.

The production complex united by a common purpose and general goals was formed during these four years. The structure of Green Dale Group of Companies includes 9 companies located in 7 districts of Belgorod region. According to the results of 2014 the agricultural holding takes the second place among the best dairy companies of the region and the seventh place in Russia.

Daily the agricultural companies of the Group produce more than 152 tons of commodity milk. Gross milk yield for 2014 reached 55.5 thousands of tons, in 2013 this indicator was 38.7 thousand of tons. Total number of cattle is 15 069; 7238 of them are fodder cows giving 8000kg of milk per year in average. This allows to produce 37 liters of milk per head of population in Belgorod region per a year.

Green Dale Group of Companies cultivates 50 307 hectares of agricultural land. Gross harvest of grain in 2014 is over 140 thousand tons; a record harvest of winter wheat was 58dt per hectare.

The managing company ensures effective cooperation of the companies, solves strategic tasks and develops long-term production plans.

More and more attention is paid to improving the skills of employees and attracting young professionals. In 2015 the agricultural holding has more than 1 200 employees. Within the corporate program the training system for workers was built. This program is promoting professional competence in all activity spheres of the holding.

Regular internships at advanced farms of Russia and the region, international trainings, invitation of foreign international level experts as trainers, creation of favorable working conditions and effective motivation system allow to judge about high level human resources of the team. For the first time in 2015 management personnel reserve is formed among highly qualified specialists of Green Dale Group of companies who are capable professionally and effectively perform management activities.

Well-coordinated work of structural subdivisions allows timely and at a high level to fulfill production plans and guarantee high quality of the products. Because of joint efforts the Group managed not just to maintain the company during economic crises, but even to expand the production and to implement several investment projects:

Construction works of two new high-tech farms in Korochansky District are going according to the plan. Construction of two sheds, milking unit, sanitary inspection station and hay storage is started and the silage making is finished in Sheino village. Construction works began in Mazikino village. The purpose for construction of world-class dairy farms is the creation of competitive company for annual milk production at least 32 tons, 9100kg per a fodder cow.

By the beginning of harvesting period on the production site in Malakeevo village of Veydelevsky district the construction of grain drying complex (GDC) is about to complete, this allows the agricultural holding to ensure the harvest safety and high grain quality. The construction of GDC is also well underway in Kupino village of Shebekinsky district: the installation and commissioning of the receiving section, cleaning and grain processing section, grain drying section and storage section are being completed timely. During the meeting of the region government in Veidelevsky district on April 27, 2015 Yevgeny Savchenko the Governor of the region visits the construction site of the GDC in Malakeevo village and appreciated Green Dale Group of Companies activities. The creation of two GDCs solves the problem of providing Green Dale companies and other agricultural producers of the region with additional facilities for processing, drying and storing of grain with the capacity of 50 tons per hour and storage capacity of 20 000 tons each.

During 2015 active works on optimization and increasing of production efficiency in the agricultural holding were going. For this purpose the "Competence Centers" such as: machinery department, service department for integrated maintenance and repairing of milking equipment, department of standardization and automation of production processes, trading and purchasing company and Agrocontrol subdivision were created and began to work successfully.

Veterinarians, inseminators and hoof trimmers are also integrated into a single mobile service. This allows to reach a completely new level of the work. Thanks to the division of labor and narrow specialization of employee activity area, the incidence is being decreased, culling is being reduced, the pregnancy rate in the herd is more than 50%, and the productivity of the main herd is being significantly increased.

The specialists of department of standardization and automation of production processes found a solution of reliability of the goods traffic accounting in the companies of the group. Now the information goes on-line from the weight platform to 1C accounting system. In the middle of 2015 the weighing facilities of the holding already had eight weighing platforms of this type.

The Green Dale companies are becoming important visiting sites for Russian farmers to study innovative approaches in the organization of milk production. Since the beginning of the year the farms of the agricultural holding have been visited by the delegations of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) under the leadership of the Alexander Artemyev Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy of the Republic Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk under the lidership of O. Kozhemyako the provisional governor of the Sakhalin Oblast, Sergey Aksyonov the head of the Republic of Crimea, K.Kushnaryov the first deputy general director of Regional Development Corporation JSC of the Rostov Region, listeners of the International Summer School among the students of famous universities of Russia and Germany, as well as heads of companies and enterprises of the agricultural and industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus, the delegation was headed by N. Yakovchik the director of the Institute for Advanced Training and Retraining of the Agricultural and Industrial Complex of the Belarusian State Technical University. During the visit the guests got acquainted with the work experience in the development of dairy cattle breeding on the example of Green Dale Dairy Company JSC and Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC.

On July 23, 2015, the Mayachki-1 dairy farm and Niva LLC heifer farm were visited by the participants of the regional meeting on the development of the livestock in the Belgorod region under the leadership of Stanislav Aleinik the Deputy Governor of the Belgorod region.

The Green Dale Group of Companies team in its work adheres to the principles of ethical conduct of business, takes an active part in the social life of the region and initiates charitable activities.

These are: assistance to schools, kindergartens, creative collectives, care about pensioners and large families, reconstruction of churches, improvement of rural areas.

On April 15, 2015, a garden of 250 fruit tree seedlings was planted by Green Dale Dairy Company JSC in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War and as a sign of a bright memory of veterans. Modern dairy farms and blooming apple orchards will fully represent peaceful and restful life.

For the third year in a row the agricultural holding organizes the children's drawings competition devoted to the International Children's Day. The purpose of such competition is to attract the attention of children to the difficult job of their parents: to work on dairy farms and crop fields. In 2015, the subject of the competition was glorification of the native land: "Wheat fields and milk rivers under bright sunshine, this beautiful land – you’re mine!" The winners of the corporate competition were awarded with vouchers to children's health camps.

On August 29, 2015, the first open Commonwealth Cup mini-football championship organized by Green Dale Group of Companies started. During Opening of the sport event Sergey Altukhov General Director of the agricultural holding noted that this will become the start of physical culture development among the employees. The amateur teams of structural subdivisions as well as business partners were competing in the event.

It has become a good tradition in Green Dale Group of Companies to help large families and first-graders' parents to get their children ready for school prior to September 1. This year the management of the holding decided to organize not just gifts presenting, but also to organize a "Journey down the milk river" shortly before the beginning of the school year. These are the unusual excursions for small inhabitants of Belgorod region to the Lily of the Valley dairy farm from the beginning of summer.

Another social project oriented to support young people getting a profession is actively developing. According to the dual training program the specialists are trained in the Korochansky Agricultural College. Green Dale Group of Companies organizes practice for future veterinarians, agricultural mechanics, agronomists, as well as for students studying in the specialty of Economics and Accounting, Agricultural products processing technology. The mentoring institute is reviving. There is an additional specialty of Agriculture Mechanization in the College; graduates of the specialty will get the profession of a tractor driver. With the financial support of the agricultural holding the classes for the training of drivers, veterinarians, and livestock specialists in the education institution have been renovated. The training aids and modern furniture have been purchased, a veterinary clinic has been opened and equipped with necessary things. Motivational scholarships are paid to the students and teachers. Also this year in spring the students received 16 bull-calves for independent rearing. The Green Dale goal is not just to give the students necessary knowledge, but also teach them how to work with the land.

Success, openness, social responsibility, these are the Green Dale working principles.


In 2016 Green Dale Group of Companies continues to increase the volume of milk production without losing the quality of the products. The agricultural holding took the 13th place in the rating of Top 50 Raw Milk Producers of Russia with the result of 53.6 thousand tons of milk per year. The Green Dale share of raw milk market of Belgorod region was 13.2%, at the state level it was 0.32%.

     1    2    3

A solemn event dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Green Dale Group of Companies took place on January 16. The celebration was held at the Zvezdny Cultural Center in Stroitel town. Sergey Altukhov General Director of Green Dale Group of Companies noted that thanks to work of many people the great results were achieved. It’s the people, the professionals represent themselves the main resource, wealth and physical human capital of any creative initiation. The heads of the districts greeted the workers. During the event the best employees were awarded with industry and regional awards.

     4   5   6

The main achievement of 2016 is the successful implementation of two investment projects. The first project was carried out in the Veidelevsky district. Here in Malakeevo village a modern grain drying complex with the capacity of 50 tons per hour was put into operation. The storage volume is 20 000 tons, including 15 000 tons of elevator storage and 5 000 tons of shed storage. During the harvesting campaign of 2016 GDC started to work at full capacity and reached the planed performance. Croppage of Green Dale companies in 2016 amounted to 153.6 thousand tons. Due to the ability to dry and process the products at its own production facilities, the overall economic effect amounted 18.9 million thousand Rubles.

     7    8    9

The second event is the opening of Heather modern dairy farm for 1980 forage cows in the Sheino village of Korochansky district. The sand bedding is applied for improving of the cattle comfort, increasing the productivity and reducing the incidence on the farm. The sheds are equipped with modern systems of artificial ventilation, spraying and fogging systems working at air temperature more than +24 degrees. The rotary milking parlor is fully automated. Special sensors record milk yield and assess the physiological condition of the animals. Other processes of animal care and feeding are also automated. Today these technologies are the most advanced in the world, this should positively influence the milk yields of the herd. The Green Dale Group of Companies expects high milk production by 2017 and reproduction of the dairy herd a year later.

     10    11    12

At the opening ceremony which took place on October 27, Alexander Braverman the General Director of the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Business, noted that the project amazed with its high technologies and speed of implementation. "It took less than a year to construct this complex, - emphasized the Evgeny Savchenko head of the region." – The main task is to reach the milk production of the region at the level of 1 million tons per year. At the moment we are producing about a half of this volume but if the economic rate is going to be maintained we will reach the necessary indicator in the next two or three years". The next step is the opening of another dairy farm for 1980 forage cows in Korochanskiy district, Mazikino village in August 2017. Also the agricultural holding initiated the construction of heifer farm in Shebekinskiy district, Repnoe village which will come into operation at the beginning of the next year. The purpose of this large-scale project is to create a competitive company with annual production of marketable milk of at least 32 000 tons, with the estimation of 9 100kg per 1 forage cow.

     13    14    15

The results of the competition for the best corn silage among dairy farms in Russia were summed up at the 21st International Specialized Exhibition "Cereals-Mixed feed-Veterinary-2016", on January 28. The competition was held by the BLGG Laboratory together with the The DairyNews information agency. The Organizing Committee examined over 2.5 thousand different samples of corn silage from all over Russia. According to the quality assessment results 3 samples won. The product of Green Dale Dairy Company LLC was among them. Such high results were achieved due to the timely execution of all technological operations as well as due to developed quality control system starting with the grain development stage up to the silage bunker closing.

     16   17   18

In March, the Green Dale Group of Companies started the implementation of the investment project for the technical modernization of Niva LLC production facilities: Bluebell dairy farm in Malye Mayachki village and the Buttercup heifer farm located in Prelestnoe village. During the modernization the newest modern system of supply and exhaust ventilation was installed in the cowsheds as well as a complete replacement of the floors and roof was made. Major overhaul of the feed preparation shed and vehicle repair shop was completed, new agricultural machinery was purchased, a transport weighing platform was built, water wells were bored and the territory was landscaped. During the year 136.1 million rubles were disbursed. As a result of the project it is planned to increase the competitiveness of the company and to reach 8.5 tons of annual milk production per 1 forage cow, as well as to increase the breeding pedigree livestock selling at least 2.6 thousand heifers per a year in Niva LLC.

     19   20   21

From March 26 to March 29, Roger Weigle a famous veterinarian visited the Group of Companies. Each of his visits is not just another master class of a person who loves and knows his work, but also a very serious technological audit. This time the recommendations of world-renowned veterinarian were received by the specialists of Unified Veterinary Service, heads of structural divisions, farm managers, specialists of the managing company of the agricultural holding. Roger Weigle shared his professional experience in veterinary medicine with the students of the Korochansky Agricultural College.

     22   23   24

In April Green Dale decided to build an irrigation system on the fields of Green Dale-Agro LLC. Using of automatic sprinklers in the arid climatic zone like Veidelevsky district will increase the soil fertility and thus will improve the yield, the growth rate and the quality of crop products. This modern irrigation system will be able to supply an area of 260 hectares of agricultural crops with the moisture. After introduction of the irrigation system the Green Dale-Agro LLC supposed to increase the yield of soybeans up to 50dt/ ha and corn up to 150 dt/ ha.

     25   26   27

In the beginning of spring video cameras were installed on the outside areas for cows. The innovation allowed the milk consumers to monitor housing conditions and feeding process of the cows online. Now everyone can learn about the life of animals on the farm by activating the tab "Online" on the Green Dale Group of Companies web site.

     28   29   30

Among another know-how of 2016 there are a special barrier for section zoning in the shed, a mobile unit for manure removal and an attached hydraulic system developed by the Green Dale specialists. This system allows to attach the manure cleaning unit to Belarus tractor easily. The new inventions was called CRAB-1 and CRAB-2. This equipment application has reduced labor and energy costs, as well as the financial costs spent on cleaning of the sheds.

     31   32   33

On July 29 XXXI regional competition of the professional skills among artificial insemination operators was held at the Green Dale production site in the Prestestnoe village. 20 winners of regional competitions competed for the title of the best in the profession. Olga Trufanova (Niva LLC), Irina Nikulina (Green Dale Dairy Company JSC) and Sergey Volkov (Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC) took part in the prestigious competition representing Green Dale Group of Companies.

The jury was formed to evaluate the competitors’ work. The jury consisted of representatives of the following institutions: Agricultural and Industry Department of the region, Belgorod State Agricultural University named after V. Gorin, regional veterinary administration, Belgorodskoe Breeding Company JSC. The competition consisted of the five stages: working in the laboratory, preparing the cow for insemination, insemination of the cow, testing of theoretical knowledge, recording and reporting, evaluating of performance indicators. As a result of scoring all the Green Dale representatives won the prizes.

The absolute champion of the Belgorod region was Olga Trufanova, reproduction specialist of Niva LLC. The winner in Recto-cervical method of artificial insemination category was Irina Nikulina from Green Dale Dairy Company JSC. Sergey Volkov reproduction specialist of Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC was awarded with a diploma as the youngest operator of artificial insemination. In August Olga Trufanova represented Belgorod region at the all-Russian competition in the Tyumen region where she took the 1st place in the nomination of Best reproduction indicators.

     34   35   36

On November 26, Prelestnoe village of the Prokhorovsky district became the center of attention again. The 1st regional dairy cattle exhibition called "Our Breed" at Niva LLC production site. Green Dale decided to revive the tradition of a professional review competition for highly productive animals. Similar regional event was held about 15 years ago in the Shebekinsky district.

     37   38   39

38 dairy cows arrive from all the farms of the Green Dale Group of Companies to demonstrate the standards of cow beauty in Prokhorovsky district. Cows of the 1st and 2nd lactations, heifers, 2, 3 and 10 months old open heifers were competing for the title.

     40   41   42

The jury assessment of the animal conformation was made by Adolf Langhaut a specialist in genetics and embryology, well-known by dairy society invited as an independent expert. Among the numerous evaluation parameters were the overall conformation, the length of the legs, the udder, the stride, position of the teats.

     43   44   45

The first regional dairy cattle exhibition "Our Breed" was highly appreciated by the participants and guests of the event. In their speeches they emphasized the importance of this event in terms of the breeding for the district and for the entire region.

     46   47   48

Serious attention in Green Dale Group of Companies is paid to training, improvement of the skills and competence. In order to systematically train the employees of the company corporate training program is implemented. It includes both traditional methods of teaching and innovative approaches to personnel development. There is a single training day, testing and employee efficiency evaluation of employees in all structural units. In 2016 during the various seminars, trainings, courses, webinars, during business games, practical and lecture classes, every second employee of the company improve their competence.

     49   50   51

Among the listeners are the directors of the companies, agronomists, livestock specialists, accountants, lawyers, HR specialists, information and control service specialists, trade and purchasing company specialists, storekeepers, tractor drivers and milking operators. The competent employees of the holding act as teachers, as well as representatives of leading companies, world-renowned scientists, international and Russian experts with experience in dairy farming are invited. For example from July 9 to July 14 veterinary medical assistants (hoof trimmers) of Green Dale Group of Companies were training in hoof trimming under the guidance of the Igor Kutlukaev candidate of veterinary sciences, and in December the seminar with agronomists was held by R. French a representative of the PIONEER company.

     52   53   54

The training program embraces the topics which help to get the organizing and management skills and to develop of social and personal traits. The program also includes special focused subjects. So on April 27, training of the specialists took place according to the program "Psychological and pedagogical minimum of the mentor". The main purpose of this training is to improve the competencies of specialists who do not have a special pedagogical education, but are attracted as mentors for new specialists and students of Korochansky Agricultural College.

     55   56   57

Specialists of the agricultural holding are actively trained on the advanced farms of Russia, they exchange experience and study international practice, visit exhibitions, get acquainted with interesting ideas of new technologies that allow achieving higher results in production.

On October 17-19, 2016, Dmitry Shcheblykin the head of the construction project of a grain drying complex visited the open course "Fundamentals of Project Management on the basis of PMI PMBOK®" in Moscow. During the training, the students got acquainted with the theoretical foundations of project management, learned how to work with the main tools of project management and studied the best Russian and world practices of applying the project approach.

Another theoretical lesson was held at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Moscow. This seminar was organized by representatives of DLF-TRIFOLIUM, the world's leading company which specializes in the selection, production and sale of seeds. The theme of the seminar was "Modern feed production as the main factor for increasing the profitability of livestock businesses."

Green Dale specialists took part in the International specialized exhibition of Livestock and Breeding Business AgroFarm-2016 to get new knowledge and practical skills. The exhibition has been the leading demonstration platform of modern technologies of livestock and breeding in Russia for 10 years. From November 15 to 18, the delegation of the agricultural holding visited the specialized exhibition "EuroTier 2016" in Hannover, Germany.

     58   59   60

The main factor of success and the main resource in the implementation of the company's goals is the team which reached the number of 1500 people in 2016. The most valuable employees during the year were awarded with badges, diplomas and letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, letter of gratitude of the Agricultural and Industrial Department of the region, diplomas and letters of appreciation from heads of district administrations. 138 people were awarded for high production indicators and for great personal contribution to the development of the region's agricultural sector.

     61 62 63

Among the awarded ones: Sergey Altukhov the General Director of the agricultural holding; Konstantin Zhuravlev Head of the Department of technological processes of livestock management, Green Dale Group of Companies; Yuriy Salnikov, the General Director of Projectmontazhstroy Center LLC, Vadim Larin, the executive director of Green Dale Trade and Purchasing Company, as well as following employees:

  • Green Dale Dairy Company JSC: V. Netrebenko the head of the barn-floor, S. Lebedev the driver; G.Popaz, Sh. Ismatov and B. Minyukov, the tractor drivers, A. Balashov, the electric gas welder; S. Ignatenko the driver;
  • Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC: E. Seovostyanova milking operator, A.Yermolov, I. Tkachenko, I. Maltsev the tractor drivers, B.Belyaev the driver, A. Mayatsky veterinary assistant, V.Denisenko administrative manager;
  • Niva LLC: N.Kovalevich mechanic-repairman, E. Borzetsova milking operator, T.Bykanova chief economist, O.Ermolova livestock specialist, N.Selyukov tractor driver;
  • Green Dale-Agro LLC: V. Budyakov the tractor driver;
  • Green Dale Dairy Company-2 LLC: A. Degtyarev tractor driver and A. Pridantsev the driver;
  • BelPlem LLC: G.Bojok the reproduction technologist and R. Ponomarenko the veterinarian and others.

     64   65   66

On December 21, in Bessonovka village of Belgorod Region, the Vasily Gorin Prize was presented for the fifteenth time. This award named after twice Hero of Socialist Labor Vasily Yakovlevich Gorin. It is a prestigious regional branch award which is given to the workers of the agro-industrial complex and agrarian science for the successes achieved in improving of agricultural production and development of the social sphere of the countryside. To get the award is the highest praise for the grain grower, farmer and stock-breeder. Among laureates was Sergey Yudin the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Dale Group of Companies. Receiving a prestigious professional award Sergey Yudin noted that the award is the achievement of the entire large team of the agricultural holding, and first of all, of Sergey Altukhov the General Director. Sergey Yudin emphasized, "I am grateful to everyone who works in good faith at our company and sincerely glad that our achievements in the development of dairy farming of Belgorod region are appreciated!"

     67   68   69

Particular attention is paid to the health of the staff. For this purpose the medical examination of employees is conducted annually. A special assessment of working conditions was carried out on the companies, measures of labor protection and workers health were developed. Employees are provided with uniform, footwear and other personal protective equipment.

     70   71   72

The social life of the team is not ignored. After winning of Commonwealth mini-football regional championship among the partners in the dairy industry, Green Dale team accepted the invitation to participate in the VII International mini-football tournament Agro Cup which was held on March 16, 2016 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

     73   74   75 

Green Dale for the first time took part in such football tournament, but it faced serious and experienced opponents with dignity. The team was awarded by the organizers of the event with a special cup Opening of the season.

     76   77   78

At the end of October the second mini-football championship organized by the Green Dale Group of Companies was finished. Since the end of the summer 12 teams weekly competed on the open fields of the Altair camp and Heather dairy farm in the Sheino village and in the sports and health center Maysky settlement.

     82   83   84

Veresk team (Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC) - the 3rd place, Joker (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC) - the 2nd place and the BMF (Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC) - the 1st place.

     85   86   87

The encouraging prize for the achieved success for the football team and a group of fans from the Green Dale was a trip to Sochi the capital of Olympic Games at the end of March.

     88   89   90

The main prize of the winners was a three-day trip to Kazan city, the "third" capital of Russia. The trip was decided not to be postponed for a long time and a week later the football team and organizers of the championship were welcomed by Tatarstan.

     91   92   93

At the beginning of the year in Green Dale Group of Companies a new corporate event called "We’re starting KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive People)!" started. And on April 2 the first semifinal game in KVN was held among the teams of the Green Dale Group of Companies. During the difficult struggle the Milk team (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC) won. The main prize for the victory was a trip to Moscow to the first semifinal of the KVN Supreme League of the 2016 season.

     94   95   96

In spring the IV Mom, Dad and me is a sport family! competitions of children's drawings among the children of the Green Dale Group of Companies employees started. The final stage of the competition showed that the corporate competition is becoming more popular. This year the creative team of young artists has increased by 30 participants aged from 5 to 16 years. In total 140 children participated in the competition presented 163 drawings in 2016.

     97   98   99

The solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the IV contest of children's drawings was held on June 7 in the main office of the agricultural holding. During the prizes presentation Sergey Altukhov the General Director congratulated the children on the victory, thanked them for their participation and marked the sincerity of their work. - "I am very pleased that every year there are more and more participants wishing to take part in the contest. The children of our employees are eagerly waiting for the next competitions, and again the management of the company will support them in the future" said the head of the agricultural holding in his welcoming speech.

     100   101   102

In 2016, it was decided to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity in Green Dale Group of Companies in its own way and to organize an event from July 8 to August 8, 2016 called "Green Dale is for a strong family!" The main idea of this action is assistance in further strengthening of family relations, orientation of the younger generation to family values by appealing to the traditional heritage of generations.

     103   104   105

During the event Sergey Altukhov the General Director of the agricultural holding presented letter of appreciation and gifts to employees who had raised their children well. There are excellent students, winners of school olympiads, athletes, prize-winners of creative competitions among them. In his speech Sergey Altukhov said: "The victory of our children is our common joy! With the help of parental love and unselfish work we can continue to educate young people full of strength and aspirations for knowledge, sport and creativity! I wish everyone all the best, prosperity, more human warmth to be optimistic, and healthy!"

     106   107   108

During the event memorable diplomas in the nomination "Always together" were given to married couples of Galina Shcherbakova and Viktor Shcherbakov, Ekaterina Zekunova and Ivan Zekunov, Elena Larina and Vadim Larin. The diplomas in a special nomination "A strong foundation" was awarded to Tatyana Kunik mother of many children, a leading software engineer; In the "Father - teacher and mentor" nomination: Yuri Ushakov and his daughter Yulia; Sergey Altukhov and his daughter Ekaterina. Celebratory events devoted to the "Green Dale for a strong family!" action were held in all structural subdivisions of the agricultural holding.

     109   110   111

The most skillful and athletic, the funniest and the most inventive employees were determined during the football competitions and KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive People) games. It was decided to organize Brain Ring intellectual game to identify the smartest and the most quick-minded ones in the company. 14 teams of 6 people each took part in the competition for the development of intelligence, logic, ingenuity and speed. The teams: know-it-all (BDF JSC), bituMEN (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC), Levis (JSC "BDF"), Bears (Green Dale Dairy Company JSC), Joker (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC), Dynamites (Niva LLC), Chosen ones (Green Dale Dairy Company JSC), you’re the lawyer (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC), Green Crew (Green Dale Dairy Company 2 JSC), Women’s Logic (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC ), Good Luck (Green Dale-Agro LLC), 7 opinions (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC), Monolith (Green Dale Trading and Purchasing Company), Good all round (Green Dale Group of Companies LLC).

     1   2   3

From the first minutes it was clear every team thoroughly prepared for the game. The team spirit was felt even in the attributes and in clothes. The excitement and intensity of the game was felt among a large number of fans. Everyone tried not only to cheer for their own team but also to test their knowledge at the same time. This opportunity was presented in case none of the team members gave a correct answer to the asked question; among the spectators were those who wanted to give a correct answer.

     4   5   6

Women's Logic team of centralized accounting department of Green Dale Group of Companies won a series of battles of the Brain Ring intellectual game. They took the 1st place.

     7   8   9

As the main prize the Women's Logic team visited the city of St. Petersburg and spent several unforgettable days there in early September.

     10   11   12

Good deeds which already became a good tradition are actively supported in the agricultural holding. In 2016 the financial support of the football team from the Stroitel town and Belgorod KVN Kompot team is to be included in the list of such deeds.

     13   14   15

The library was opened on the International Children's Day, June 1, in Prestestnoye village of Prokhorovsky district. Prelestnoye rural library after major repairs has acquired the status of a model library which entails a qualitative breakthrough in the readers’ service. Thanks to the financial support of the Green Dale Group of Companies a lot of work was done to align the premises, equipment, and acquisition of funds according modern requirements

     16   17   18

Also on June 1, the new zoo was opened solemnly. The zoo is located in the Sosnovka tract at the crossroads of Volchanskaya and Peschanaya streets. The territory of the zoo is 25 hectares and it includes 43 expositions with various animals, cafes, picnic area and children's playgrounds. Large artificial lake with a water surface of about 2 hectares was built for aquatic birds. Pedestrian routes run through several geographical zones according to the natural habitats of animals: the Far East, the Russian North, Europe, Asia, America and Australia. The animals living in the Belgorod region are singled out in a separate zone. The construction of the park was conducted from 2014 on the funds of Belgorod philanthropists. They also took the costs of the maintenance of animals. The staff of the Green Dale Group did not stay out of the good cause: the brown bear is now under the care of the dairy agricultural holding.

     19   20   21

Victory Day is an opportunity to pay the respect to all those who fought or worked in the home front in war time. On the eve of the holiday the agricultural holding congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and presented memorable gifts. More than a hundred symbolic duffle bags were delivered to the veterans, their widows and home front workers living in Belgorod, Veidelevsky, Ivnyansky, Korochansky, Prokhorovsky, Shebekinsky and Yakovlevsky districts of the Belgorod region.

     22   23   24

According to the tradition the management of the agricultural holding helped many employees to get their children ready for the school by September 1. Rags, school bag, notebooks, sets of school supplies for study and children's creativity were given to parents of first-graders and large families. New Year's gifts were received by all the children of Green Dale employees.

     25   26   27

In 2016, constructive cooperation with the Korochansky Agricultural College was continued. Green Dale Group of Companies is a supporting employer of Korochansky Agricultural College. On May 21, the Parade of professions exhibition-fair of achievements in educational, production and creative activity of professional educational organizations of the Belgorod region was opened at the Cathedral Square of Belgorod.

     28   29   30

The positive dynamics and success of the dual training system based on a combination of theoretical training and practical training should be noted. Thanks to the patronage of the agricultural holding this system has been operating in the technical school for three years already.

     31   32   33

34Since the new school year the Green Dale Day has been included in the training program. The new project was initiated by Sergey Altukhov the General Director and it was aimed to train highly professional modern specialists interested in working at the companies of the agricultural holding. 35Within the project the lectures on specialized disciplines are made by the heads and specialists of the HR Department, the Financial Accounting Department, the Legal Service Office, the Veterinary Department, the Department of Diagnostic and Integrated Monitoring of the System, department of technological processes in plant management and the service department. In December, Sergey Yudin the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Dale Group of Companies had a meeting the students. During informal communication Sergey Yudin told about the basic principles of doing business emphasizing the role of good education for further success in the chosen profession. And as a good advice for achieving the desired results of life he recommended: "It is important to determine today what do you like the most and learn this subject better than anyone else. Then success is guaranteed."

The Green Dale structural subdivisions have become a place for the exchange of experience and the study of new technologies. Domestic and foreign experts, scientists, businessmen visit on the companies. On March 31, a meeting on the implementation of an. automation system for weighing platform was held on the basis of the Niva LLC heifer farm. The colleagues from Voshchazhnikovo agricultural company, Yaroslavl came to get acquainted with the basic principles of the system.

     36   37   38

On September 14-16, Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC was visited by the Belarusian delegation of the heads of agricultural companies. During the business meeting Nikolay Budko the chief production technologist acquainted the guests with the applied production technologies and told about the plans for the development of Belgorod Dairy Farms JSC.

     39   40   41

On September 27 a press tour for journalists of Russia and the Republic of Belarus was held on Heather farm of Seversky Donets Dairy Company. This event organized by the Standing Committee of the Union State and Russia Today International News Agency was attended by more than two dozen journalists from regional, federal and union magazines, radio stations and television companies. The delegation was accompanied by Stanislav Aleinik Deputy Governor of the Belgorod Region.

     42   43   44

On October 20, the delegation of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) visited the Green Dale Group of Companies. Thailand businessmen were interested in the investment attractiveness of dairy farming. They decided to study the prospects of possible cooperation on the example of Green Dale development.

     45   46   47

On October 21, Dutch representatives of the Hunland company specializing in the import and export of animals visited Heather farm of Seversky Donets Dairy Company.

     48   49   50


On December 16 the best workers of agricultural sector were congratulated in Veydelevskiy region. The employees of Green Dale-Agro were awarded as leading workers of agricultural sector. The team was awarded with the diploma of the second degree for the Best company in relevant activities.

     51   52   53


As a result of work in 2016 Green Dale produced 80 thousand tons of raw milk which puts the agricultural holding on the second place in the region and makes the company one of the leading dairy companies in the country. The total number of herd makes 16.5 thousand head of cattle including 8 992 milking cows. The main production site of the company consists of five dairy companies, two farms and a heifer farm. The land territory makes 52 thousand hectors; a park of the machinery consists of 936 units.A new company – Green Dale – Chernozemye – joined the agricultural holding. The main job of the company is commercial crop production. They grow the following crops in the company: winter wheat, barley, soya, corn and sunflower.

On January 17 the employees of Green Dale were brought together to celebrate the 6-th anniversary of the agricultural holding. The opening of Heather Dairy Farm and the 1st regional exhibition of pedigree cattle named Our Breed became the most important events of last year. During the anniversary event the best workers were awarded for the results of their work in 2016.

   54   55   56

On January 14 the team of the Green Dale Group of Companies presented a cow as an Old New Year gift for the Rubinskie large family from Rovenskoi district. This decision was made by Sergey Altukhov the General Director on the Old New Yeah eve. The director entrusted Moloko corporate club team of the Funny and Inventive People to present the unusual gift. The children took this event as a real New Year miracle.

     57   58   59

In January the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the new grain storage facility was finished in Shebekinsky region, Kupino village. The operating capacity of the facilities was also tested. The facility will start operation with the beginning of the next harvest season.

     60   61   62

In February the specialists of Accounting and Production Processes Automation Department started a new project – automatization of placing and handling of the requests in 1C accounting system for the following things: spare parts, fuel and lubricants, tires and batteries for agricultural vehicles.

   63   64   65

To learn about the advanced developments of leading international and native producers of goods for dairy livestock sector, the specialists of Green Dale Group of Companies attended the exhibition named Grain-Mixed Feed-Veterinary -2017 which was held in Moscow from January 31 till February 2 as well as the largest international exhibition of breeding sector and innovative technologies for production and processing of livestock products in Russia named AgroFarm which was held in Moscow at VDNH from February 7 till February 9, 2017.As a part of the business program DeLaval company presented the Green Dale specialists with the certificate for training module of rotary milking parlor. This module will help to train students from Korochansky Agricultural College.

     66   67   68

From February 28 till March 2 the students of Korochansky Agricultural College which works under patronage of Green Dale took part in a regional stage of Young Professionals championship (WorldSkills Russia). They have demonstrated their skills in Agricultural Machinery Maintenance. The agricultural holding representatives took part in a business program of the championship. During a panel discussion named The preparation of High-Skilled Employees: Zones of Professional Growth, Lubov Guzieva, a head of HR Recruiting and Developing Department, informed the audience about motivation system in the Green Dale Group of Companies where they use this system as a tool for reaching high educational results.

     69   70   71

In March the digitization of agricultural land boundaries started. During the meeting held in regional Agroindustry Complex and Environment Reproduction Department it was decided to use drones as a pilot project. Agro holding intends to obtain high-accuracy electronic maps of its arable land with the help of drones. The obtained experience will be used throughout the region.

     72   73   74

Alltech company has held a seminar in Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC, Sheino village of Korochansky district on the 23rd of March. The subject of the seminar was the Best Silage Is the Key to the Success of Dairy Farming. Dave Davis, a professor in the grassland science, and an independent consultant from Great Britain and Mark Kolotovkin, the Head of Cattle Department Alltech Russia were the speakers on this seminar. Practical classes took place in silage bunkers of Heather Dairy Farm where all the seminar participants evaluated the quality of the feed, «its taste and color». Dave Davis as an expert noted the good quality of the prepared silage.

     75   76   77

Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy held Career Day on March 22-23. During this event, it was discussed that agricultural professions are most demanded today. Green Dale Group of Companies HR department representatives visited the Career Day event.

     78   79   80

81On March 29, 2017 the first nucleus heifer calved in Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC. The first bull-calf was born from the embryo. He was called Samson. The calf’s pedigree has been already tested in European laboratory. The baby bull has excellent longevity production, daughter’s fertility, somatic cells content in daughter’s milk. The expected production of Samson’s daughters is by 864 kg higher compared with a cow of the same age.

At the beginning of April Niva, one of the oldest agricultural companies of Prokhorovsky region, has celebrated the 5th anniversary of joining the Green Dale Group of Companies. During this period the following indicators have been reached: a number of cattle got doubled; the gross milk yield has been increased by 59% and reached 8,309 tons in 2016. At a solemn meeting dedicated to the anniversary, the employees of the company were awarded with letters of gratitude.

     82   83   84

On April the 12th Green Dale Trade and Purchasing Company specialists organized the seminar for agronomists where they met the representatives of Uralkhim company.During the event the guests presented their new developments and spoke about the effectiveness of these developments application in plants growing.

     85   86   87

88The grand opening of the renovated Alley of Labor Glory was held on the 1st of May in Belgorod in the Victory Park.This year, by decision of the Government of the region and the Presidium of the regional association of trade union organizations there are 34 teams and 32 workers at the Alley of Labor Glory who have achieved the highest performance in the work.

Green Dale is among the awarded. Evgeny Savchenko, the head of the region, awarded Sergey Yudin, the chairman of the board of directors, Sergey Altukhov, the general director of the Green Dale Group of Companies and Roman Danilenko, the chairman of the labor union and emphasized: «The main capital of the company is people, their well-being; Green Dale pays great attention and considers this capital as a very important thing. Korochansky Agricultural Technical College is in the structure of the company and it trains the next decent generation of workers. There are all the prerequisites for Green Dale to take the leading place in Russia's dairy industry».Sergei Altukhov the general director of the Green Dale Group of Companies and his employees took part in the Immortal Regiment event dedicated to the Victory Day on the 9th of May, like many other Belgorod citizens.And just before the Victory Day, the representatives of the company visited veterans of the Great Patriotic War and with boundless gratitude congratulated them with the Great Victory and presented them memorable gifts.

    89   90   91

On May 20, 2017 the dairy festival was held on the base of Niva LLC production site where the leading dairy companies of Belgorod region demonstrated their best cattle.During a cow runway show involved 40 animals, the Dutch independent specialist in embryology and genetics of cattle Adolf Langhout was judging the exterior of the animals and selected the winners in each category.A cow from Mikhaylovskoe LLC became a winner in The Best Cow of Holstein Breed, 1st lactation category. A cow from Seversky Donets Dairy Company was awarded with the second place in this category. Two cows from Belgorodskie Dairy Farms JSC involving Lilac and Magnolia farms became the winners in The Best Cow of Holstein Breed, 2nd lactation category. The animal from Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC was recognized as the best heifer. The second place was given to the heifer from Buttercup Farm, Niva LLC. Among the little ones, the young heifers from Seversky Donets Dairy Company LLC and Mikhaylovskoe LLC were awarded with prizes.

     92   93   94

The visitors of the show were also involved into the process. The guests of the festival, and there was more than a thousand of them, were choosing the winner in Audience Choice Awards category from a number of animals of different breeds presented by the participating members of the festival. The young 2 months old Jersey heifer from Buttercup Farm, Niva LLC was awarded with the prize in this category. The festival program also included the cattle auction which attracted not only a lot of ordinary viewers but also the people interested in purchasing the cattle. Besides, a great entertainment program was prepared for the visitors of the festival. The program included Funny Dairyman and Pretty Cow show, crafts fair, contact area with calves and soldier’s porridge from a Kind Fairy. The guests enjoyed the exhibition stands with new products from the following manufactures of agricultural machinery, veterinary drugs, and stall equipment: DeLaval, Agro-Nova LLC, Yupiter-9 LLC, Libena Stroi LLC, VIK Trade House LLC, Agrovet LLC, Belfarmakom LLC. EFKO Group of Companies also exhibited their goods. At the exhibition stand of Logoznak Ad Agency the visitors could also buy souvenir products with the festival logo to keep memory about the event.

     95   96   97

98An associated meeting of the Council of Employers of Belgorod Region was held in the Great Hall of the Government of the Region on the 30 of May.During the meeting the Green Dale Group of Companies was awarded with the gratitude from the Department of Internal and Personnel Policy of the Belgorod Region for effective work on the preparation of qualified workforce, the organization of dual training of students on the production, participation in the independent evaluation of the qualifications of graduates and the development of the infrastructure of professional educational organizations of the region.


My Future Profession was the theme of the 5th contest of children's drawings which started this spring among the children of Green Dale employees. The awarding ceremony took place on June 8 in the head office of the agricultural holding. All employees of administrative company evaluated the drawings through open voting. Awarding the diplomas and valuable gifts to the authors of the best drawings the general director of the agribusiness holding Sergey Altukhov thanked the children for their sincere interest to the agricultural professions.In his congratulatory message Sergey emphasized that participation in the contest perhaps will become for many children a starting point for the further choice of their life path. As Olga Ladygina the head of Green Dale HR department noted the competition is gaining popularity. This year 219 children took part in it.

Vasilisa Scheblykina (5 years old) became the winner in a category from 5 to 7 years old. Father: Dmitry Shcheblykin, project manager of Green Dale Group of companies LLC.

The first place in a category from 8 to 12 years old was given to Kristina Zolotar (8 years old). Mother: Marina Zolotar, head of HR department of Green Dale Group of Companies Administrative Company LLC.

In the most adult age category from 13 to 16 years, the winner was Nikita Egipko (13 years old). Father: Andrey Egipko, a tractor driver, Green Dale-Agro LLC.

     99   100   101

102103The results of the “Green Dale is being spotted by a camera” photo contest were summed up on June 22.The competition began on the 15 of March. The works were accepted in 5 nominations: A smile of Green Dale, You’ve got to see it to believe it, Precious pictures, I love Green Dale, Family photo book. 24 people took part in the competition. 86 photos participated in the competition. The names of the winners of the competition were announced at a solemn ceremony which took place in the main office.

Stars of the Moscow Region - 2017 the XXIst exhibition of breeding animals was held in the "Rus" National Horse Park on June 30, 2017. Green Dale specialists took part in the exhibition to study the selection achievements of Moscow colleagues. Experience of the best breeding companies and reproducers of the Moscow region was presented at the exhibition. New methods and technologies of breeding and breeding work in cattle breeding. 35 agricultural companies of Moscow region shared their achievements in breeding of Holstein breed, black and white breed and kholmogorskoi breed as well as in agricultural poultry. Hendrick Wille a famous breeding specialist from Germany was evaluating the pedigree cows.

     104   105   106