…Let your life be blessed with love of the Saints Peter and Fevronia…


July the 8th is the day of family, love and faithfulness. Just before the holiday the employees of Niva LLC, a subdivision of the Green Dale Group of Companies, told Istoki newspaper from Prokhorovsky region about their happy families. These specialists work in the company together with their families.


1It is not the first time for me, a journalist from Istoki regional newspaper, to meet different families. That is certainly a pleasure to write about firm family couples who has been living many years in happiness. And always getting exited talking to such families I can’t stand asking them about the secret of their long life together. We’ve met these couples from Prokhorovsky region just before the Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness.


The Nabokovs welcomed us in an administrative building of Bluebell Dairy Farm, Niva LLC owned by the Green Dale Group of Companies where the two member of the family have been working for many years. The head of the family, Peter, is a loader’s driver, he is shipping the feed for animals; his spouse, Aleksandra, is a milking operator, she is responsible for milking procedure which they do three times a day.


Straight away I came up with a reasonable question: how the spouse able to combine their work and married life. Because this is not a secret that many couples prefer working in different places to avoid getting bored of each other.


«We can hardly meet each other at work, says Peter and laughs. We both busy with our own jobs. Besides our shifts work doesn’t allow us see each other very often even at home. But of course we are trying to spend our seldom days off together. Aleksandra and I have three daughters and a son, and four grandchildren. They visit us very often so we will never get bored».


«Why did you choose this difficult job? » ask I the Nabokovs family.


«First of all, - says Aleksandra, - we don’t need to go that far to get the farm because it is near our house. Secondly it is very important for every person to get decent salary in time and bonuses for the complexity of the job and for the length of employment. Here we have all the necessary conditions for work. I don’t even want to talk about that times when we had to milk cows manually and carry heavy tanks with milk. Dampness, dirtiness… It is impossible to even compare».


«Thirdly, - says Petr, - great and friendly team. Without staff turnover. This shows that people are satisfied with everything, everything is fair. And the authorities, apparently, are happy with everything, because those who work here - sincerely love their work, invest in it the whole soul.


We want to wish to young couples with all their heart to believe in each other, not to be afraid to go forward together, to overcome any difficulties. And of course, you need to find the soul-job. Because if the worker is not a professional he can’t be happy at his work.




The Morozovs Vasiliy and Nadezhda, they are happily live in marriage almost thirty-four years. Their work unite them as well as their sincere feeling. They are working on Prelestnoe heifers farm. Vasiliy is High-class mechanic-repairman. He has gifted hands. Nadezhda is one of the most skilled milkers.


They are an example for their children. Two of their four children also working in the company. Ekaterina as an office manager intern and Andrey as a worker. They like their work because it is close to the home. They also have good salary and opportunity to self-realization and professional growth.


This large and friendly family have a household. Taking care about animals and growing plants. During evening tea they discusses last news, achievements, makes future plans and dreams about future. They have a big dream. They want to have a cow. It’s a pure, realistic dream.


We are sure that with such a strong life position, such unshakeable family values, such sincere and warm relations, which bind all members of this family - they will succeed!


Kuharev Stanislav and Valentin dad and son, they are working on Prelestnoe heifers farm. After serving in the army Stanislav began to work on the farm. He has seen all development stages of the farm and now he is working in stable company. His son Valentin is like his father also decided to be a tractor driver. After ninth form he entered Dmitrivskiy college. Father influence a lot on his choice. Stanislav taught his son. He showed him peculiarities of this job.


And for four years they’ve already worked side by side. And right now Valentin can give some advices to his father. Green Dale Group of Companies created a comfortable work conditions for different worker’s generations.


The Kuharev likes their work. The team is friendly. Experience and age are respected. Youth is a chance for career growth.


Continuity of generations is that chain of life, the links of which cannot be ripped apart. It is important to preserve what was laid by the ancestors.


Green dale Group of Companies management actively encouraged the family dynasties. They bringing to the collective love, hope, light from their families, they generously share this with others.


Mamedsaatova O


Photo by Dankova O