Everything goes well at work and in the family so let it be so.


Everything goes well at work and in the family so let it be so. Yuri Trofimov Krasnoe Znamya newspaper chief editor visited Kobelev family. They are working in Green Dale 2 Dairy Company JSC. He congratulated them with Family, Love and Fidelity day.


3You can see wonderful Kobelev family on the photos. They are from Bolshoe Gorodishe village. This family is respected among the villagers. Nikolay Kurganskiy Green Dale 2 Dairy Company JSC director compliments the Kobelev family. He said that they are standard of diligence and integrity. Always perform the tasks assigned to them qualitatively and on time. Father gave his best qualities to his son, brought him up as a decent person. Andrey is the most promising young machine operator. He can manage with all modern imported machinery, perform any agricultural work, from sowing to harvesting.


Kobelev is working on Challenger tractor. It is on caterpillar-mounted. It has 865 horse power. All agricultural equipment is ganged up with it. Also Andrey is working on self-propelled sprayer.


As a specialist, he is fully prepared, and he has the desire and diligence to work well. That’s why he has the highest professional level. His father is his example. Alexzander brings machine operators and drivers from home to work and back He works flawlessly, without violations. His car "UAZ" is always in excellent condition.


the Kobelevs are actively involved in public corporate events like football competitions.


Our meeting was on eve of Family Love and Fidelity day. Father and son have similar biography. Both of them was born in the same village, studied in school, studied in college, served in army and got married. Their families live together happily, in love and harmony.


Alexzander is 60 years old. He met his wife in native village. His wife is Ludmila. She is working as a nurse in local hospital. She is kind and soft person. They have two children. Alexzander and small daughter Natalia. Andrey met his wife in Nechaevo village on disco. They fall in love. When Andrey came back from army Nadezhda born him a son. Now his is 1 year and 4-month-old.


Nadezhda is very proud of her husband. He is hard working, solicitous and kind. The same as his parents. Both families live on the same street. They meet each other every day. They celebrate holidays together. And help each other in every situation. They started to build a new house. They hope that Green Dale 2 Dairy company will help them. They have a good salary. It helps them to make plans for future. And let all dreams come true.