My work! – My family!


For Heather Dairy Farm employers this words is a synonym because even during the work day the family is together.


1Vera Maslennikova Yasniy Klutch journalist interviewed a big and friendly company family on the eve of Peter and Fevronia Eastern Orthodox holiday.


Let's be honest - the concept of the family, it's special. Family is lays the foundations and skills that then accompany a person during the whole life. For good it should be answers good and vice versa.


So that’s why in July in Russia there is such an absolutely wonderful holiday - Day of Family, Love and Fidelity which is patronized by the wonderful saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom.


Green Dale Group of Companies is rather young company as well as Heather Dairy Farm. It was solemnly opened in the presence of Evgeniy Savchenko the Governor of the region in Sheino village. Traditions has already appeared here.


It became a kind of good tone for the families to work on Heather farm.


Sorokin Alexzander the head of the farm said that 14 families have already been working here. And all family traditions they moved to the production. It is responsibility, mutual understanding, "feeling of elbow" and mutual assistance.


We introduced with families on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity eve. We talked with two families.


Mother and sons


Like in the fairy tale Mom have three sons and they are working in Green Dale. Nadezhda Arkatova is the Mother. She is cleaner. Her sons are engineers. Pavel is mechanic-repairman.


Sergey is agricultural tractor driver. He was a pioneer. He assessed the prospects, good relations in the team, was satisfied with the stable payment of labor and of course told his relatives about it. His brothers also decided to work in Green Dale.


Alexey is the youngest son. He is an operator of the feed preparation section.I asked Nadezhda how she taught her sons to work.


Inspired the foundations of peasant labor but without forcing just tried to keep them always nearby. When I was working in the garden or when I was preparing hay they were nearby. They help me with house work.


Guys are responsible, you know, if they are on shift, everything will be alright, says Alexzander. Sergey for example, works on vacuum manure removal car the process takes place in rather cramped conditions and the machine itself is big, he copes with jewelry precision! He willingly helps beginners to learn, teaching them. The whole family is distinguished by conscientiousness and reliability in work.


Three sisters


There are three sisters on the Heather: Elena, Oksana and Alexandra. They are charming, affable - they conquer from the first sight. They know how to work. Where does this skill come from? From childhood. The sisters grew up in the village and at a very early age they are accustomed to real peasant work.


Do you remember when you milk a cow for a first time?


At home with father he helps with suggestions.


How old you were?


Ten years old. And here - the main thing: do not be afraid. Cows feel people very good. When she knows that no one will offend her, then she behaves calmly.


You are at responsible sites, you are entrusted with working with animals. Who taught you to act in good faith? Parents: Paul and Mary, we are the villagers, and can not imagine our live without work it is from childhood. On the courtyard they had cows, pigs.


Well, of course, if necessary, you can always and need to turn to a specialist. Elena Goncharova and Oksana Galinovich are operators of machine milking.


Alexandra Plekhov is also on a very responsible site, she is taking care about calves. A particularly difficult test was a massive calving.


One of her pets is Samson (from the pedigree parents, obtained from the embryo) he is simply a miracle! He recognizes Sasha at once, gently stretches to his hand, consciously looks into his eyes. "They are very clever,"-comments Sasha.


Communicating with such people, you are involuntarily understand that the concept of the family is much broader, it will spread to all whom we love, who we are care about, and smoothly transferred from the family household.


It is great to work on the modern dairy farm “Heather”.Agricultural, fresh air, village. We like it. Our place is hear.


All happy families are similar according to the Leo Tolstoy. In this case, he is absolutely righ!