Let always be the happiness!


Reportage about Propustov family from Veidelevskiy district Malakeevo village. Their family is an example of workaholic, modest, respected, and what is most importantly a happy family.


2Plamia newspaper journalist learned more about family happiness on the eve of Family Day, love and fidelity.


Almost ten years have passed since Vitaly almost every day for two years covered a distance of one kilometer from Malakeevo to Dolgovo to meet with his beloved girlfriend. He noticed her on his friend’s wedding and fell in love with her. It was impossible not to notice such beauty. Timidity invited her to the dance, then - to the second ...,and in this October they will celebrate the tenth anniversary of living together. They live together happily in Malakeevo village. Vitaly works as a mechanic in Green Dale - Agro LLC. He dreamed to work as a mechanic since he was in eight form.


After army he returned to the collective farm and became a driver of a fire-truck. Then he worked on milk truck and ZIL during the harvesting campaign. After it he worked on New Holland tractor. Then he completely mastered the Challenger tractor and the grain harvester Case and with great skill he performs the necessary work on the cultivation of land, sowing various crops and harvesting. He has the fourth qualification rank. He works with pleasure and great satisfaction on the land.


He continued to work during the reorganization and now he is one of the best drivers.


Tatyana is also working in Green Dale. She is a technologist for storage of agricultural products. After graduation she studied at the Korochansk Agricultural Technical College.


In Malakeevo she works as a laboratory assistant for a livestock farm and performs her duties conscientiously. She carefully conducts the analysis of milk, monitors the condition of the equipment.


Vitaliy and Tatyana have a daughter. Her name is Vika. She finished the third form. She is studying in Malakeevo village. She likes to dance, and therefore engaged in the choreographic hobby group. She also likes to sing, to draw. She likes to draw her pets a dog Barsik and a cat Persink with her kittens. Vika is a real little housewife while her parents are at work, she will put things in order at home, and then she will cook together with her mother.


Propustov family have a lot of relatives and friends. And then they have a free time they make the parties in their house. They have the chick flowerbeds. Vitaliy have the golden hands. He made a garage and new design in the house, changed the roof.


Such a good family lives in Malakeevo village. This family is hard-working, modest, and respected. They are happy, let it be forever.