Weight is under control


Automated weighing platforms for measuring the actual live weight of animals were installed on Green Dale dairy complexes.


1The company began to solve the issue of the correctness of online weight registration in the spring of 2015. The weight platforms were installed on all farms. They are integrated with 1C: Accounting data base.


Taken measures allows to organize strict control of feed, seeds, fertilizers and other commodity-material values movement through the checkpoints and to keep an inventory of balances in warehouses.


The second stage of the project was the implemation of automated weighing platforms for selling livestock. Currently, electronic platforms for accounting of live weight are mounted and operated on all dairy farms.


Weighted automated platforms are a software and a hardware complex which allows you to weigh any animal quickly and accurately. From a newborn calf to an adult bull. The current weight is immediately displayed on the electronic display by connected to the terminal cable and the information from the load-receiving platform automatically arrives and synchronized with the program 1C: Accounting.


2According to the experts, the automated accounting system has significant advantages in comparison with mechanical scales. The monitoring program developed by the software engineers of the company allows to track the weight and connect to the weighing platforms by remote access, as well as to provide video recording of the weighing process.


Software updates for all weight platforms occur simultaneously in automatic mode Automated scales are a simple and practical reinforced steel rectangular structure consisting of two wickets - for entry and exit and strong side fences.


For convenience and safety, the loading platform has a corrugated surface. This prevents the slipping of animal’s hooves. All electronic elements of the scales are made with the highest degree of protection against moisture, dust and various contaminants. It allows to use scales in different conditions even outdoor.


Roman Ustinov, Maksim Gordeev and Dmitriy Shakupin Green Dale specialists implemented software and technical realization of the project.


The next stage in the development of the weighting platform functionality will be the introduction of an automated cattle growth accounting system.