Black pearls for Green Dale


Green Dale delegation returned form Netherlands where the employees adopted the experience of their Dutch colleagues in the framework of implementation of a new project. The main aim of it is creation of breeding and genetic center in the Belgorod region.


1Sergei Altukhov leaded the delegation. The visit program consists from two parts: study of cattle embryo transplantation technique and visit of breeding exhibition of Holstein breed.


Yulia Bugdugova and Irina Nikulina vets, Evgehny Gorishin livestock specialist, Irina Koifman the head of PR department, Olga Ladygina the head of HR department and Yulia Tovstolytskay translator were included in the delegation.


Training for the specialists of the company was organized by the Dutch company A.L.H. GENETICS.


Bert Shutte the veterinarian in embryo transplantation field of science conducted the training.


The training course included both theory and practice.


Our veterinarians worked for two weeks in one of the local farms under the guidance of an experienced mentor in order to master the skills of flushing and replanting of embryos in practice


In addition to studying the technique of embryo transplantation, they got acquainted with all technological procedures and requirements for obtaining embryos, as well as the necessary conditions for keeping donor animals and recipients.


Green Dale specialists successfully passed qualification exams and received certificates confirming their professional qualification for embryos transplantation.