What is stronger genes or upbringing?


Green Dale Group of Companies representatives took part in the All-Russian seminar which was held in Noginsk on the production site of Moscow breeding JSC.


1The main issue on the agenda was “Implementation of measures for the development of breeding livestock for 2017-2018 in the production and in the biomaterial”.


The event, organized by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture brought together leading experts of agricultural research institutions. Almost 44 companies from all over the country.


The first day of the seminar was devoted to the general issues of the breeding enterprises functioning which are considered to be the main link in the system of breeding work in domestic dairy cattle breeding.


The seminar also focused on the assessment of body conditions of the dairy cattle, use of sexed semen, role of marketing in the implementation of breeding material.


Measures for the development of livestock breeding were considered on the second day.


3Galina Safina Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia familiarized the audience with the organization and the results of the use of genetic material in pedigree livestock production. She proposed to create of a coordinating council.


Among the main speakers were G. Eskin, General Director of GTZ JSC, N. Zinovieva Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Livestock named after L. Ernst, K. Plemiashov Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Breeding.


Seminar allowed to discuss topical issues of the industry development and exchange with colleagues from other regions pressing problems in breeding.


Demonstration of sires caused a huge interest among the participants of the seminar.