How Green Dale prepares specialists for itself




1Dairy cattle breeding is the real point of growth of the Korochansky district. Green Dale Group of Companies is planning to build megafarm in Mazikino village. It will be similar to farm in Sheino village. The planning capacity of these two farms are 3960 cows. This production is not just an example of modern agrarian business, but also an excellent professional and personal start.




There are 1470 people working in the company most of them are less than 40 years old. The average salary is 37,5 thousand rubbles. Also, company provides full social package. Excellent working conditions, full professional development, recreation, not only for employees, but also for their families. The human factor in the company is on the first place. The personnel reserve is formed. The program of professional development and retraining gives an opportunity to learn everybody.


New technologies require such professionals who are able to manage large complexes. We need progressive mind workers. The best way is to find such people in technical schools, universities and grow super-specialists. For young people - regular internships, including abroad on the best farms in Europe. There is a separate program within which we gladly invest in active, promising and motivated young people. We help them to build a career, support all those who want and strive to succeed.




Green Dale is an active participant in the formation of a modern educational space. It is an anchor company of the Korochansky Agricultural Technical College.


Students take part in a paid internship in the Green Dale. Everyone from the first days of classes is part of a large team. For the best students additional scholarships, further education in the university, at the end of the technical school will have a job in the company. There are significant growth prospects. The village literally came alive and blossomed. Soon the new farm Chamomile in Mazikino village will be finished.


And this is an excellent chance for young farmers to believe in themselves and create a reliable base of their future.