October 12, 2017 in the Green Dale Group of Companies was held a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Korochansky Agricultural Technical School.


1The following persons took part in the work of the Council:


• Alexander Yevtukhov, General Director of Green Dale Group of Companies Managing Company;


• Lyubov Guziyeva, Head of Personnel Selection and Development Department of Green Dale Group of Companies Managing Company;


• Lyudmila Shapovalova, Head of the Department of Secondary Vocational Education and Professional Training of the Department of Internal and Personnel Policy of the Department of Professional Education and Science of the Region;


• Vladimir Konoplyany, first Deputy Head of the Administration of the Korochansky District - Head of the Department of Agriculture and Nature Management;


• Mikhail Sergeev, General Director of Iskra Meat Farms LLC;


• Galina Kuzubova, deputy director for teaching and methodological work at the Korochansky technical school, and Natalia Starovoitova, deputy director for studies, and Svetlana Vazhnichina, chief accountant of the school.


The meeting was opened and held by Sergei Yudin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Dale Group of Companies.


During the meeting results of recruiting for the full-time departments were reviewed, the social portrait of the freshman was analyzed, and a new staffing table was discussed.


The agenda also included the results of the contest of professional skills among teachers, a report on the state of the material and technical base of the educational institution and the results of work on the employment of graduates were heard.


In addition, the members of the Council considered the organizational issues related to the holding of the regional stage of the WorldSkills Championship in terms of competence of Veterinary on the basis of regional state autonomous professional educational institution «Korochansky Agricultural Technical School».


The meeting participants made a number of proposals aimed at improving work in various areas and activating of the technical school.