A good start for adult life


The solemn ceremony was held in the Korochansky Agricultural Technical School.


1A big holiday was organized by undergraduates and teachers of the educational institution for beginners.


The sincere atmosphere of the holiday was full of applause and grateful feedback from the student audience.


123 freshmen entered the technical school this academic year.


Green Dale is an anchor company of the Korochansky Agricultural Technical College. College prepares for the Green Dale cadres in the main specialties: agronomy, veterinary medicine, zootechny, mechanization of agriculture.


Training is conducted on the dual system: theory is taught in the College and practical classes are conducted on the Green Dale sites.


For further career development of young professionals in the company has a program for young specialists. The School of Mentoring is organized. Every Wednesday, managers and specialists of the personnel department, financial accounting department, legal service, veterinary administration, management of technological processes in plant management, service management do lecturing.


Alexandra Morozova and Ivan Pavlov, Green Dale veterinarians have a part-time work in the agricultural college as teachers.


In the near future, freshmen will meet with the head of the staff recruitment and development department.


For effective work on the training of qualified personnel, the company was awarded with gratitude from the Department of Internal and Personnel Policy of the Belgorod Region.