First anniversary of Heather Dairy farm


One year ago, Heather farm has been opened. The farm for 1980 cows was opened in Sheino village Korochanskiy district.


1The technology of keeping animals on the sand was used to create increased comfort of cattle, increase its productivity and reduce morbidity.


Cowsheds are equipped with modern systems of artificial ventilation, irrigation and fogging, which work when the air temperature rises above +24 degrees.


Rotary milking parlor is fully automated. Special sensors provide a record of productivity and assessment of the physiological condition of the animal. Also, other processes of animal care and feeding are automated.


2The total investment in the project amounted to 2.3 billion rubles. Guarantee support was provided by the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises which provided 1.6 billion rubles, as well as the Belgorod Guarantee Fund for Lending (28.9 million rubles).


Alexander Braverman, General Director of the MSP Corporation at the opening ceremony of the farm noted that this project amazes with its high technology and speed of implementation.


3“The construction of this farm took less than a year. Its main task is to help the region and to produce 1 million tons of milk per year. While we produce about half of this volume”- noted Evgeniy Savchenko.


The output of the complex was reached by the summer. The farm produces 55 tons of milk per day. Productivity for the current year has reached 9800 kg per fodder cow. It should be mentioned that all animals of the first lactation.


Soon we are planning to receive 11000 kg of milk per year from each cow.


Due to their exteriors and high genetic potential, the Heather animals were the twice winners of the regional exhibitions of breeding dairy cattle Our Breed.


4Currently 146 people work at the Heather farm, mostly young specialists.


The collective is an active participant of all activities. The opening of Heather farm is only the first stage of the project, which is implemented in the region by the Green Dale. The next step is the launch of heifer’s farm in the Repnoe village Shebekinskiy district as well as another dairy farm in Mazikino village Korochansky district. On the eve of October 26, a large group of specialists of the company flew to Europe. In Holland and Germany, they will select the heifers to form a herd. This is the second trip for the last month.


801 elite heifers will arrive to the Green Dale at the beginning of November.