New farm for the new year


Severkiy Donetsk LLC new production site started to work in Mazikino village, Korochanskiy district.


11200 cows were brought to new dairy farm called Chamomile.


Pedigree Holstein heifers were brought from Europe in autumn. After customs control and veterinary control cattle passed all quarantine activities and has been included into Green Dale herd.


Animals are adapting right now for the new conditions. It will last for one month. Than calving period and milking will starts.


New dairy farm consists of two barns, silage bunkers and shed for sand separation. Sand will be using for the beddings.


The sand technology is used to create comfort, increase productivity and reduce the incidence of cattle disease.


In addition, the barns are equipped with modern systems of artificial ventilation, irrigation and fogging. These units operate in automatic mode. They starting to work when the temperature in the barns is higher than +24 degrees. Others process like feeding and maintaining have automatic mode.


2For example, in the milking parlor, in addition to the basic milking procedure, special sensors will ensure the recording of productivity and evaluate the physiological conditions of the cows.


When the second barn will be finished the total capacity of the farm will be 1980 forage cows.


Chamomile farm is the second Green Dale’s farm in Korochansky district. Also, Heather farm has been opened one year ago in Sheino village.


At planned capacity Seversky Donetsk LLC will produce 36 thousand tons of milk per year.


Moreover Green Dale soon will open heifer farm for 4180 animals in Repnoe village, Shebekinsky district.


The construction of the new facilities is carried out within the framework of the investment project on industrial milk production in the Belgorod region. Green Dale started this project in December 2014.


Enlargement of the Green Dale production sites fits to the development strategy of the region


Yevgeny Savchenko reviewed the issue on the integrated development of the dairy industry at the meeting of the Council for Innovative and Technological Development of the Belgorod Region in December 2017.


According to Belgorodstat 542 thousand tons of milk were produced in 2016. Over the past five years, this indicator remains unchanged and the agrarians have not achieved any significant growth.


The region will double milk production due to the Green Dale innovations by 2022. Sergey Yudin Green Dale Chairman of the Board of Directors presented the project of achieving such volumes of dairy production. This project was prepared together with the Government of the Belgorod region.


Sergei Aleinik Deputy Governor of the Region - Head of the Department of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Reproduction of the Environment of the Region said that technological problems cause problems for dairy industry. Stanislav Aleinik calls a joint project a breakthrough. With help of this project we will have innovation product. According to Aleinik if the region do not now agree that this is it’s main idea for five years, then the supportive therapy will continue.


Sergey Yudin said that region need to make an industrial breakthrough.


Belgorod region, is able to create such a precedent that will become a visiting card and an example of the successful development of dairy farming. Opportunities for its fulfillment are greater than ever, but there is as little time to use this chance.


Over the five years, the region needs to achieve substantial growth in the five main development vectors through the introduction of new technologies and the growth of human capital. Among the tasks that need to be addressed to dairy farming in the region in the first place are the creation of production facilities and the provision of high-quality raw materials in the amount of 1 million tons of milk per year. It is 650 kg per 1 man. It will be absolute record.


The second task is to take a leading position in the genetics of cattle in Russia. It is also necessary to create a scientific and educational center for the sectoral training of the personnel.


Another task is the development of alternative channels for the sale of dairy products, in particular Internet commerce.


Nowadays Green Dale produces 80 thousand tons of milk per year. Till 2022 company is planning to produce 500 thousand tons of milk per year. From this 500 thousand tons, 390 thousand tons will be from cows which have A2 beta casein.


According to experts, A2 milk does not contain protein, which can increase the risk of various chronic diseases, and is suitable for people who experience discomfort after drinking normal milk.


he company plans to increase the number of cattle from 11,000 to 50,000. Green Dale is going to increase to increase production from 30 to 300 thousand tons per year. The projects of integrated development of the region's dairy industry will allow to solve the tasks set by Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation in the May decrees. The main idea of this decrees is to ensure food security, introduce innovative technologies, create high-tech jobs and ensure accelerated import substitution.