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Cost-effective milk production depends on several factors; very essential are cows, ie their genetic potential of production, health and reproduction.
The main way to improve the breeding value of animals in the most important characteristics is insemination of available breeding stock with sire semen passed objective and reliable assessment for a number of economically useful traits.
Our goal is focused breeding work with the herd by using of the best proved breeding material (bull semen) among the elite of the global gene pool, highly skilled professionals, advanced equipment and materials.


Terms of cooperation:


We offer a range of services for reproduction using CRI genetic material which includes


    analysis of the current livestock selection;
    analysis of the current reproduction indicators;
    selection of internationally proven bulls;
    detection of cows in heat;
    diagnosis of animals for reproduction suitability;
    diagnosis of non-suitable for insemination animals;
    synchronization of estrus;
    insemination of animals;
    pregnancy confirmation for 32 days using ultrasound scanner.



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Pavel Zazharsky

Director of BelPlem LLC



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